Android for Dragonboard820c

Does someone knows when 96Boards will support and add Android documentation for Dragonboard820c? I’ve installed AOSP from source (Android Q) but the image its very deprecated, hard to flash, and have no support yet, I’m trying to run an application but this new Android Q its not compatible. There’s something in progress about that?

Thanks in advance

The only documented way to run an Android derived OS on DB820C is to build from source:

You’ve mentioned Android Q so I assume this is is the guide you are following although if you are having app compatibility problems it is possible that these require the application to be fixed. Note that AOSP bumps the version number shortly after the merge so what you actually have is slightly more than P and less then what Q will eventually become. Does the app you are working with work on Android P?

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I’ve not tested on Android P yet, just on Android M and works just fine, but when I try to run the SNPE Qualcomm application on AOSP, the output don’t generate succesfully. I’ll try to build Android with other branch, other Android release and see if it’ll work, do you know how can I build an previous Android version for Dragonboard820?

Thanks in advance!

Ah… I see.

The AOSP builds are rather experimental (they are based on upstream AOSP, an upstream(ish) LTS kernel and smallest amount of glue code possible… this is very different to a typical vendor port of Android). They rely on the same upstream focused drivers that we use for the GNU/Linux builds. I’m afraid that means whilst compatibility with Android itself should be very good it also means that there is no support for the Qualcomm vendor extensions and drivers because we are not using these drivers.

Unfortunately SNPE relies on these to function. SNPE works internally by spreading the load between CPU, GPU and DSP and, with the current AOSP images, I think only the CPU execution engine will be available (and even that may refuse to load).

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Hello, when I was trying to compile an application for Android Q that uses SNPE, I noticed in Android Studio the same error from this topic: Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (SNPE)

This error is due to a missing information in cpuinfo file that is embedded alongside with the kernel, now I have all the necessary information to run SNPE using CPU, DSP and GPU but for that I need to compile AOSP from source for DB820c, do you know how to build this image correctly?


The commands in this page doesn’t work, some apex libs is missing, do you know any other way to compile?

Which page… and compiling what?

This page:

Compile AOSP for Dragonboard820c.


There’s no other documentation to help with this.

However it looks like the snapshots built last night ( ) so the source is probably compileable. You could take a look at the scripts the CI system users for clues: (in particular is you set EXACT=1 then the script should use pinned_manifest.xml to give you identical sources).

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I see… But I did this compilation before by following AOSP tutorial with no success, this new release have a changelog so I can see if the error that I was having was fixed?


More that I suspect the problem is with your build machine and the scripts might help you figure out what is going wrong.

Today I’ve confirmed that I can build the sources based on the AOSP build guide for DB820C. I was using my normal android build machine which is configured more or less as the main AOSP docs require (e.g. top paragraph of the build guide).

There’s two things you can try:

  1. If you build machine has a small number of cores then try configuring more jobs (maybe 16). This can work around dependencies problems during the build (on my 16 core builder I had to relaunch the build a couple of times to work around these).

  2. Check you can build AOSP for one of the upstream supported boards (either something like a Google Pixel or hikey960). This will shake out any misconfiguration on your build machine.

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