Android compiled and built from source unable to boot-up from SD card

Following the building guide, I was able to compiled Android 7.1.2 from source and everything seems ok(showed successful on packing the update.img).
I dd on SD card but was unable to boot-up from it. It is still booting from EMMC.
At the moment I don 't have a USB C to A cable to try flashing on emmc to check if my built is fine.
Anybody has encountered before? TIA

I tried downloading the official Android image from VAMRS site and same issue, it doesn’t boot-up on SD card.

I just realized that both images(official and the one I compiled) are for EMMC upgrade only which is done through Maskrom mode.

Is there any way to make Android bootable from SD card?

currently, the answer is no. Because android firmware is packed in Rockchip format image. It’s technical possible but we need to modify the android and to mount the correct partitions. it’s on our todo list but we haven’t started it yet.

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