Android automotive OS on hihey960 problems

Hi there
I wanted to try to get Android automotive OS on the Hikey Board but I got problems from the start on. First I would say that I am a hobbyist and not very firm in Android or Linux. I have only a good base understanding and wantet to learn on the go. What I did so far: I have set up the build environment on my LINUX PC and have done a repo sync like written on the AOSP website getting started. Last command worked was .build/envsetup.h. lunch didn´t work at all. When I do lunch command I dont get a list of several options. I tried “lunch hikey960_car-userdebug” but my console told me these are not the right options. Where to start now? Do I have to do a different repo sync for Automotive OS?
Could anyone give me a hint please.