Android AOSP ROOT device?

Hi guys,

i forgot what i really what ask for question here
in discuss 96boards forum.
I have install AOSP ANDROID 9 P

I think this is what i really whant!!!
I can surf really high waves,
wathing videos (youtube, matroska), hear music (flac,mp3,wav), write things (txt :slight_smile:

OH one thing nervs me, when i watch stream of my android handy ipcameras
over the hikey device
the streaming server crash and hikey hangs up .
This one Videos engine, kills me today,
let me write here some text. :frowning:

Possible to ROOT the hikey AOSP.
I don’t know what i can do.

I have see other guys Rooting Android handys
and this is not the way for me,
sitting day by day .

Send me PM
Send me good images
i don’t want sitting befor close doors.

I want other thing do with my hands.


Default builds already yield root access.

Connect to device via adb, see prompt β€œ$”. Type β€œsu”, see prompt β€œ#” – means you are now root.

connect to device via UART works fine.