Android 7 Nougat

Can the Dragonboard 410C be flashed with Android 7 Nougat? I am interested on doing some experiments using some of the new capabilities of Nougat related to getting raw GPS data.

I don’t think anyone has made Nougat images for DB410C yet (they are available for Hikey but that doesn’t have GPS so won’t be much good for you).

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Thank you for your question. There are currently no official Nougat images for DB410c, but MSM8916 is supported by Qualcomm on CAF on Android N and Android N MR1 (7.1.1) here: platform/vendor/qcom/msm8916_64 - Unnamed repository

I will reach out to Qualcomm to see if there are plans for an official Nougat MR1 release for the Dragonboard 410c.

I heard back from Qualcomm today. “Nougat for the DragonBoard should be releasing by the end of the current quarter.” I will keep you posted if I receive additional information.

Is the Android 7 for DragonBoard released now?


Is the Nougat has release for Dragon board 410c?


There’s the work-in-progress to get AOSP master working well on DB410C (see ) but I don’t think there is any Nougat release.

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Currently QDN stopped the Android releases, there is no plan for Android N release.


Hello Danielt,

thanks for your reply, but i’m facing compilation error while "make -j24 " and getting error like
out/target/product/linaro_arm64/ is missing, regenerating…
Desktop/Log/android/external/elfutils/ error: OUT is obsolete. Use OUT_DIR instead. See Build System Changes for Writers.

Based on the link i changes the directory from OUT to OUT_DIR and other related folder structure.
hope AOSP is generating the all images and boot the device 410c after flashing those images to Dargon board 420c?.

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Hello Ramesh,

Just wanted to enquire is the Audio DSP enabled in the DB410c? i wanted to use noise cancellation and noise suppression in the audio in offline.


I don’t know the answer to your question, but would a software solution work for you? I’ve implemented an audio HAL for hikey960 that uses webRTC for echo cancellation and noise supression:

I am not seeing messages of this form but there are a few problems.

In particular I have had to make some config changes (run target menuconfig and enable dex preopt and increase the size of the syste

I’ve also had to modify the Makefiles of libdrm and mesa3d to fix some
small build issues.