Android 7 for Dragonboard 410c

has anyone succeeded in compiling Android 7/7.1 for the DragonBoard 410c?

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If they have I don’t think they ever release anything public. Closest thing is the generic_device experiments mentioned in this thread (AFAIK the DB410C code in the generic_device tree needs some changes to catch up with the latest AOSP code base):

Hello Daniel, Nice reading you.
I heard that Nougat (Android 7) is about to be released. It was planned for November. According to Qualcomm it is ready but need some legal approval.
Maybe you can find some news and get something new for us?
So if we wait some more we won’t need to build the image :slight_smile:
I am waiting for it.
Best regards.

I’ve heard this too… but I think I heard it from you! Android for DB410C comes from Qualcomm; Linaro isn’t really involved and I’m afraid I don’t really keep track of their release plans.