Android 6.0 Marshmallow Image

Does anyone have an Android 6.0 Marshmallow image?

One option is the AOSP reference platform build for the Dragonboard 410c although this is a developer preview rather than a final release and does have a number of known issues.

See™-410c-Home if you are interested.

The link has been removed.

There is a new Android 6.0 Marshmallow Image? If no,

What are the procedures for me to upgrade my DB-410c version from 5.1.1 to 6.0.0?

I get the android image( from,flash it into 410c emmc,the os can boot,(you must use the HMDI monitor, but not used hdmi-dvi monitor). the kernel log will show some warning messages, miss them.

Be careful I did read a lot of users complaining about that version 128 (as well as others for 118). The one that made all agreed is that the version 99 is stable.
I was at Connect last month and have seen the Android version 7 (nougat) running on the DragonBoard. I thing this will be worse to wait for it :slight_smile:

Hey Jean-Marc,

You heard about problems with #128 on this forum or somewhere else? I think there was one person on this forum who had problems with #128 but IIRC I struggled to gather enough information to conclude whether to file its as a regression versus 16.03 .


Hello Daniel,
Sorry I did not mean to discredit the #128 and to be fair I probably have seen the same one but here is the thread: Android on 96Boards FAQ - #20 by dfclark
At least 2 users have found a problem.
The #118 I read a lot of users having hanging OS.
You know more about these version than I do.
My message was: if someone want to use a good version and does not want to troubleshoot Android, the #99 is recommended. This was my message. :slight_smile:

No need to worry about discrediting. You use Android on DB410C which means you have better formed opinions on the subject (I only ever fire up Android when I try to help someone with it… then I reimage it with Debian).

As it happens I hadn’t spotted the thread you mention (I only read the off-topic question at the bottom about thermal behaviour).

Daniel, do you have any news about Nougat we have seen running at Connect last month?

I also will need your help to understand if it is possible to install the libmraa and upm on Android to control the I2C without rebuilding a kernel. (Android)
I still want my Android to be stable and I do not want to fool around in rebuilding a kernel.
See you on Openhours :slight_smile:

No news about Nougat from me. To be honest I didn’t even see it at 'connect.

The MRAA I2C code looks like a simple wrapper based on i2c-dev… and it looks like the kernel is compiled with this enabled so I don’t think there will be anything kernel side to stop I2C access (assuming the adapters are enabled at all). Can you see the /dev/i2c-XX files?