Analog Stereo Output on Android


I am following this application note from Qualcomm on how to use the Analog Audio Output on the Dragonboard:

The tinymix commands suggested on section 2.2 work. The issue I have is with the following paragraph:

Playback using Android Music player would play the audio over HDMI, as that is the default setting. To change the default behavior, edit the file device/qcom/msm8916_32/mixer_paths_sbc.xml based on the use case and push the file into DragonBoard 410c via adb to /system/etc/ .

I have opened this file and it is not at all clear what changes should be made. I notice there is an “headphone” path defined, but I am not able to configure Android to use it.

Has anyone been able to use the analog output from normal Android applications? Could you suggest which settings need to be changed, or commands to debug this issue?

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