AGL on HiKey970

Board based on the Kirin 970 - HI3670 Application Processor
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Hey everyone,

I’ve been exploring the possibility of running Automotive Grade Linux on my Hikey970 board. I’m currently developing an Automotive Navigation system and need a board that can serve as the infotainment system for a car. Previously, I’ve successfully implemented everything on my IMX8 board from NXP, but unfortunately, it’s now broken.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience or insights into whether AGL can be run on the Hikey970 board. I know AGL is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, which is also ARM-based, so I’m hoping there might be a chance. Additionally, if there are any other OS options beyond the ones listed in the specifications, I’d love to hear about them. Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!