ADC in x20



I wanted to check if i can use the ADC on the X20. From the schematics, I was not able to find out if ADC can be used.

Can anyone suggest me any idea to use ADC in X20?


Hi there,

Have you checked X20 functional specification:

I searched a bit for the doc, X20 has AUXADC modules for thermal and light sensor. Not sure if this is you are looking for.

Leo Yan


Hi Leo,

Thanks for your reply. I agree that AUX_ADC will serve my purpose. But according to schematics page 6, in AUX_IN section, the 5 ADC channels(AUXIN0, 1,2,3,4) were not pinned out. So, I believe I cannot use it from processor (MT6797).

Is there any way I can get an ADC from PMIC (MT6351). Where can I download the datasheet for the PMIC (MT6351)?

Davidson. K


Hi Davidson,

Mediatek X20 Board didn’t pulged any ADC pins out, and the Datesheet of PMIC(MT6351) was not published.