Adb shell should work after flashing asop factory images?

Hi, hikey 960 users
I’d like to check something on Andoroid 9(pie).
But when I flashed hikey960-linaro-2019.04.03-factory-3783fffd image(that is built with Android Q) then I could access
adb shell and see the output but with old images such as 2018.05.01(snapshot 493), it doesn’t work.
(nothing is in adb devices and fastboot devices but green leds are on…)

All snapshots in
should work properly on the hikey960 right?

I’d appreciate it if I did something wrong.

  1. Have you confirmed that your USB-C cable is good? Can you use it with another device, for example, your phone?

  2. Do you have permission to access the adb device from the other machine you are using?

  3. When you plug in the other machine, does the kernel log a device connection? I.e., there should be some stuff appear at the bottom of the output of “dmesg” when you plug it in.

  4. Have you tried reversing the USB-C cable plug in the socket? If you are using a C to C cable, you may need to reverse it on either end or both. Believe me, even though the specifications say they are supposed to be reversible, there are some bad implementations that only work on one side.