ADB over wifi issue in DragonBoard410c

I did following to set up adb over wifi: (Before starting this process, I connected the board to wifi and verified the wifi connection as well.)

adb wait-for-device && adb root && adb wait-for-device && adb remount && adb wait-for-device
adb shell “echo service.adb.tcp.port=5555 >> /data/local.prop”
adb shell chmod 0644 /data/local.prop
Disconnected usb from pc and rebooted.
ping <my ip address> this works fine
adb connect <my ip address>:5555
unable to connect to <my ip address>:5555

I repeated the steps about 7-8 times and i am stuck on this for the last 3 days. I would greatly appreciate if anybody could help me resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance

Have you followed the instructions in this page below? It is the first application note for Android in the list of documents.

Yes, I did follow ADB over wifi application document.

looking into this -will also share the info with the android group. I assume then that you followed the instructions verbatim.

What is the output of adb devices . Are you seeing an entry with the ip address and the port ?
If not then the connection was not established successfully .


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Hi Sujai,
That’s the whole issue is. In spite pf following all the steps, adb over wifi connection to the dragonboard is not being established.


does adb over usb work for you? we need logs.

Yes, Adb over usb works perfectly fine.

I just tested on my board and works as expected.

I used this release installing from the SD card

if you are indeed following the documented process all I can suggest is that you upgrade to the latest release which I just validated