ADB hang issue is observed in latest kernel 4.9 version

Randomly ADB hang issue is observed,and unable to collect logs in that moment as i don’t have serial console setup.
depending on adb to collect logs.
Anybody have idea about this ADB hang issue .

@leo-yan and @guodong any idea on this ADB hang issue.

Seems like this is a hang issue. So this is real hang like mouse also doesn’t work?

Anyway, there have two possible issues may introduce hang: the first possibility is related with scheduler bug with WALT, could you try the patch in the mailing list:

Another issue related with CPU power supply, could you try to update the latest booting image in the folder:; you could see Guodong upgraded the booting images one day ago for fixing CPU power supply issue.

I am facing similar issue with adb. While running ‘adb root’ command hikey 960 board gets hang. The above mentioned patch is already applied in kernel 4.9 but issue still persists.
Any idea on this ?

Hi @madhu.m ,

Did you get any success on adb root hang issue?

The issue have been resolved by using known-good manifest with the perticular android branch to build.
Link to download AOSP known-good manifest:
Copy known-good manifest to .repo/manifests/ directory and then Initialize and sync the repo using the manifest (hikey960.xml)
Command: repo init -u platform/manifest - Git at Google -b <branch_name> repo sync -m hikey960.xml
The build worked fine for me.