Adb connection issue: no device number seen


When using Android on HiKey, how is managed the device number (ID) ?
On some boards, after having flashed and run Android, we can’t connect with adb on Windows.

Few investigation shows that no device number is set; “adb device” command shows the HiKey device without any device number set.
On Linux, it is not an issue, but on Windows, it seems to prevent any adb connection…

So, how to set it ?


Try setting a serialno for the device. See for info.

Thanks !
I’ll test that.


Did you succeed with the description that vchong suggested?
It did not do anything on my board and I believe the solution given on that link is for HiKey960.

If you found a way to work with HiKey, please update your status!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s similar for hikey.

$ fastboot getvar nve:SN@16_DIGIT_NUMBER
doesn’t work, try
$ fastboot oem serialno set 16_DIGIT_NUMBER
Note that you might need sudo for fastboot.

Or else change device/linaro/hikey/hikey/ the same way as mentioned in Hikey960 adb multiple devices same serial number - #4 by vchong.

Yes, the solution with androidboot.serialno=0123456789 on the kernel command line works for me on HiKey.

Be aware that the tool used to build the boot.img on hikey (I don’t remember the name right now) doesn’t accept too long command line and truncates it if too long (if fact, the length accepted is much shorter that the one supported by linux kernel, that’s surprising, but it’s another topic).
So just be aware of that…, check in kernel log the command line used.


Note that if
$ fastboot oem serialno set 16_DIGIT_NUMBER
doesn’t work,
$ fastboot oem serialno
should, but you can’t choose your own number, i.e. a random number will be generated instead.