Access GPIO though Python


I am working on a hackathon using the Dragonboard, and need immediate help if possible. The board is installed with Linaro.

My question:

How can I access the GPIO boards using Python? Which library can I use?

Thank you for your great help and prompt reply.


Hi Anthony

I think we spoke earlier. Please try this library:

the example you are after is in this link:

for additional information on the sensor board, follow thispost


I know it may be late for this post but…

There are two more libraries which can be used to access the GPIO on your 96Boards, they can be found here:



Each github with some appropriate documentation.

Please keep an eye on the 96Boards website, github, and wiki for more information around these libraries, including build instructions and examples. These, along with the 96BoardsGPIO library mentioned above are expected to be included in future 96Boards builds.

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