About problem of Rock960 board's I2C being not able to driven up


Recently our R&D team is evaluating Rock960 board. We encountered some problem of Camera integration. Currently our R&D progress is blocked at I2C being not able to driven up。 Even we are using official open-source code project and Devicetree file: rock960-model-ab-linux.dtb. The phenomenon is any enabled I2C bus, SDA SCLkeep low. If externally connect to pull-up circuit,SDA become high voltage,but SCL is still less than 0.2V.

Check dmesg, it reports: “rk3x-i2c ff120000.i2c: timeout, ipd: 0x00, state:1”

The code we downloaded is as below
repo init -u https://github.com/96rocks/manifests -m rock960.xml

Devicetree files:



which hardware port are you using? i2c is available on both HS and LS connector.


Thank you for the reply. We are using i2c2 and i2c7. And I found only i2c0 which connects to PMIC is working.