A2DP can not adjust volume of sound

I have followed steps that @doitright posted in other thread to configure my hikey 960 acting as a A2DP sink role using AUTOMOTIVE overlay.
A2DP can work correctly, but sound is very small and I can not adjust it by “setting”. Anyone has the same problem?
I play music by my iPhone, but adjusting the volume by my phone is not workable.

Try with an Android phone or tablet, or a keyboard with volume buttons. Apple almost never respects standards, so is not a good choice for testing.

OK, volume adjustment is fine by Android phone or keyboard. But for iPhone, how to make it to support sound adjustment?

That will generally be the problem you get when you try to work with things that are non-compliant – and in this case, INTENTIONALLY non-compliant because that company’s sole objective is to sell more of their own crap or products that pay their exploitation fees. Save yourself the trouble, 10% of the market isn’t worth worrying about until everything else is good.