96Boards UART Adapter Board

Hi all. I know that many of you has faced this issue before. I mean Shipping!

Do you know where I can get a “96Boards UART Adapter Board”? I am in USA. that’s funny that it has to ship from China. the same thing for “sensor mezzanine board”.

I have to wait for one month, or I have to pay the same price for just shipping.

why 96board does not provide it in USA? thats not good at all. next time that I will search for a board, I have to consider its peripherals too. 96board disappointed me.

If you are in a hurry any 1.8v serial adapter can be used with the board. Before the 96boards-uart was built I used an FTDI TTL-232RG-VREG1V8-WE. It works perfectly well but, although these devices can ship locally in many jurisdictions (including USA), once P&P is added they are often much more expensive than the 96boards-uart even if you paid for expedited shipping from Hong Kong.

You might be able to find a 1.8v serial adapter from one of the USA based hobby electronics places but currently they’re not that easy to find. Hopefully over time the hobby electronics retailers will start to stock 96Boards products (we are just starting to see early signs of that happening) but right now I’m afraid I’m not aware of anyone who keep stocks of the UART board in USA.

Hi @amati,

The “96Boards UART Adapter Board” is in stock right now.


I hope it is OK ordering from Seeed Studio.