820c Android Support


Hi 96boards,
All the press releases and a lot of documentation mention Android on the 820c, but it looks like mention of android has been removed from your website.
Can you clarify whether Android will be supported and when?



According to https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard820c/downloads/, it comes pre-loaded with Android. I’m guessing Android v6, but I didn’t see any confirmation on Android versions. The downloads page also mentions being able to download and re-install Android images, but there’s no Android image available at the moment. My guess is that more images will be made available, including Android, in the coming months.



… and is the following working?

• Graphics: Qualcomm® Adreno™ 530 GPU OpenGL ES 3.1 + AEP, OpenCL2.0 Full1, Vulcan


If its anything like the DB410C was, Android support will come from Qualcomm / Code Aurora.
I would be positively SHOCKED if it ships with anything older than 7. There are no recent CAF releases for msm8996 with version under 7.0.


To be this looks like it is merely a copy 'n paste artifact from the DB410C documentation. I don’t think the board will ship with Android by default.


This was my thinking.
It looks like they have deliberately removed all mention of Android on 820c.
I expect the part supports Android and that there is an Android build out there (for the part if not the board), so I was hoping for some sort of official declaration as to whether Android is supported now or in the future.


I could’ve sworn I saw mention of Android 6 when the board was first announced, but I can’t find any mention of it, so most likely I was getting my information confused with other boards that I’ve been looking into. In any case, @danielt very well may be correct in that the board won’t even ship with Android now, since there’s no recent indication of it.


Looking back through the related press releases, I can see a lot of “is expected to”, “based on discussions with”, “the processor supports” etc.
I cannot see a definitive answer from 96boards.
I guess, unless there is an official response from 96boards the answer is no.
Perhaps they gave up for some reason.
Real shame.


You almost certainly did. Part of the reason the claims have been disappearing is because I’ve been poking people to ensure potentially misleading info gets cleaned up.