820 linux bluetooth [yocto]

i am trying to up Bluetooth, not able to get bt host devicve

hcitool dev


by default BT_EN power is enable

also have bluez support.

What version of BlueZ is installed on your system?
In later versions hcitool has been deprecated.

You might want to try bluetoothctl instead of hcitool to explore the status of bluetooth.
Once bluetoothctl is invoked, to see the status of the adapter type show
You can then do a scan on to find remote devices.
Type help to get a full list of commands

If you are still having problems you might want to use sudo btmon in another terminal as you do those commands.

Hope that helps.

i have bluez ver. 5, tried with hcitool,bluetoothctl, btmon

not able to show device name or bt addresss

Can you post the output from the following command line please.

echo -e 'version \n show \n quit' | bluetoothctl

echo -e ‘version \n show \n quit’ | bluetoothctl

[bluetooth]# version
Version 5.19
[bluetooth]# show
No default controller available
[bluetooth]# quit

OK, it seems like it hasn’t found the Bluetooth adapter.

Have you checked the status of the Bluetooth service?
You can do that with:

sudo service bluetooth status

You might also want to check the rfkill list:

sudo rfkill list

Can you post the results of those two commands please

i don’t have support of service and rfkill coomand

This seems like a yocto set-up issue which is something I am not able to help you with.

I did notice that you have BlueZ version 5.19 which seems quite old.

i got log from rfkill

0: bt_power: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no

The output from rfkill seems good.

You need to check that the bluetooth service is running correctly.

Does the following yield any results?
sudo systemctl status bluetooth

no result,
sysctl: error: ‘status’ is an unknown key
sysctl: error: ‘bluetooth’ is an unknown key