800 Petabyte image

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to download the headless version of the latest debian for DB410c. And the uncompression was really surprizing… the file is more than 800 Peta Byte :smiley:
Can someone check file from the 96boards team?


well, at least i cannot reproduce on a linux machine, after unzipping, I am seeing the following

4294967296 Jun 7 16:04 dragonboard410c_sdcard_developer_debian-246.img
455957180 Jun 7 18:05 dragonboard410c_sdcard_developer_debian-246.zip


md5sum dragonboard410c_sdcard_developer_debian-246.*
9c2744c68f42a6549a17966af38bda8a dragonboard410c_sdcard_developer_debian-246.img
9af66f9c82db2f27e363b384c639816d dragonboard410c_sdcard_developer_debian-246.zip

Yes, it seems like it is a windows related problem. I tested with other program (7zip) and worked fine.
Anyway thank you ndec for testing!