410C use highspeed connector MIPI CSI0

Hi All,

I try to use a Toshiba HDMI2CSI board as 410C highspeed connector MIPI-CSI0 source.
after made pileline and set format use v4l2-utils,
board reboot when csiphy0 reset called(csiphy_reset, read CAMSS_CSI_PHY_HW_VERSION reboot too).
there is no any exception but only “reboot the board”.
csiphy reset resulted in reboot even do not connect to the highspeed connector.
How could I can check the csiphy reg configure is right or not?
current configure as follows:
camss@0 {
compatible = “qcom,msm-camss”;

                    reg = <0x1b0ac00 0x200>,
                            <0x1b00030 0x4>,
                            <0x1b0b000 0x200>,
                            <0x1b00038 0x4>,
                            <0x1b08000 0x100>,
                            <0x1b08400 0x100>,
                            <0x1b0a000 0x500>,
                            <0x1b00020 0x10>,
                            <0x1b10000 0x1000>,
                            <0x1b40000 0x200>;
                    reg-names = "csiphy0",

Any help? Thanks a lot!


Addtional information: Linaro, not Android

I moved the csi0phy reset to csiphy_set_stream timing from csiphy_set_power, the csiphy_reset do not reboot anymore
but the HW Version read out is 0x10, Is this a right version? csid version like this 0x100300.
does Linaro debian SW on 410C board can make csiphy work properly?
Anybody help? it is an urgent issue for me, Thanks so much.

Linaro debian version support MIPI-CSI? any help? thanks so much!