410C Linux and Incoming TCP/IP Connections


We have noticed that the 410C running Linux does not accept incoming connections (e.g., ssh) from a computer until you start sending ping from the 410C to the computer.

Pinging from the 410C to a different device on the network does not seem to help, it has to be the same device you want to connect from. So it doesn’t seem like a wifi-interface-going-to-sleep issue.

I have seen this problem on two different wifi networks, and two different 410C boards.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? Does anyone know of a solution or likely cause?

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I have the same problem. I thought sending ping to the 410C did not work. But, after sending ping to the host from the 410C, sending ping to the 410C from the host works. By the way, sending ping to the host from the 410C still do not work. If you solve this issue, it would be appreciated if you let me know the solution.


@ijchung: Possibly good news for you: Today we noticed that in when the 410C is configured in hotspot mode using hostapd (so that you can directly connect to it without going through a Wifi network), this problem does not occur. You can easily ssh to the 410C running Linux without needing to first send pings from the 410C.

As for connections through a Wifi network, we are planning to try the latest development kernel mentioned by ndec (tag: ubuntu-qcom-dragonboard410c-15.06) to see if the problem is fixed there.

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