Yocto/oe recipes for GPIO management


Hi everybody,

Is someone knows if yocto/opene-embedded recipes exists for libsoc and 96BoardsGPIO libraries ?

Thanks in advance



Don’t believe there’s one for 96BoardsGPIO but you should be able to use above as reference.



It works for libsoc and i will try to write the recipe for 96BoardsGPIO.
I didn’t see the libsoc recipe since i was with the jethro branch and not te master.
More exactly, the recipe in jethro is not for the latest libsoc version (0.8.1) and also the recipe is very basic. The new one is better.

Thanks a lot.


if you even write a recipe for 96boardsGPIO , please submit it to https://github.com/96boards/meta-96boards.