Wrong image format for "source" command

I did that from documentation tftp ${scriptaddr} recovery_files/install.scr
after finish Retry count exceeded; starting again
and there is another problem…source $
output Wrong source format

env set ipaddr
env set netmask
env set serverip ( adress ip host ubuntu x64)

what is corrected format?? and what is correct adress for script?

What bit of documentation are you following?

Step 3: Configure the Poplar Ethernet interface

The following assumes you know your network configuration, and that you have an IP address in that network to use for the Poplar board.

  • Inform U-Boot about the network parameters to use. Use values for the following environment variables that are appropriate for your network. The IP address for the Poplar board is assigned with ipaddr ; the netmask for the network is defined by netmask ; and the IP address of the TFTP server containing the image files (probably your development/build machine) is serverip .Enter the following commands in the Poplar serial console to configure the Ethernet interface.

env set ipaddr env set netmask env set serverip

  • Verify your network connection is operational.

ping ${serverip}

Step 4: Run the installer

  • Load an install script using TFTP, and run it.

tftp ${scriptaddr} recovery_files/install.scr source ${scriptaddr}

I suspect your tftp server has not been configured correctly.

I did everything according to the documentation. How should I setup tftp server? Only that bit a documentation mention about it

tftp ${scriptaddr} what is script adress?

I’m afraid I don’t know how to setup the tftp server, it varies between different host distros. Your best bet is to search for “install tftp server name-of-your-distro” and see what comes up!

I was able to upload the system to emmc memory. But the documentation for 96 SBCs is as poor as orangepi or bananapi. Poor graphics driver displays only gnome 3 correctly. I don’t know why other DEs don’t play with the driver and don’t display the image correctly. The repositories conflict with the gnome-core file. You can’t build an android because resources are no longer available. I bought this poplar for little second-hand money. And so I threw my money away.

What resources are you referring to that are “no longer available” for building Android?

The instructions for the build are here:

(which I found by following from the product documentation page), and all of the repositories it refers to are available.

It may be a bit of a stretch to compile current master branch for it, but I would think that it should work with release branch for around 8 or 9.

The quality of the documentation (and software support) for 96Boards depends initially upon the vendor meaning not all boards are equally well documented. Likewise some boards have a much larger community formed around them which gives them a massive boost in terms of support, documentation and software.

Yes, I’m afraid if you bought one of the older boards with 1G RAM than the aosp releases were discontinued.

OK never mind - i stay with linux i have installed. Thank you very much for your help support and interesting. Best regards