Windows operating system + image + link being redirected


If i click the link on the dragonm board 410c homepage for the windows10 image it brings me here:

but I soon get redirected. and can’t foolow the instructions.
Can anyone advise how I can get this image? and how to install it? tks


I was able to stop the redirect by clicking on the X next to the address bar on the browser. If your browser is too quick for you, you can also see an April archive of the page at

However, I think[1] the page has changed/been updated and they want you to go to a new page, but the redirect link is wrong. The new page/instruction seems to be here:

[1] Here comes the disclaimer! Since this is a MS maintained page there’s really no way to tell for sure what their intentions are. Best to contact them directly to be sure.


Had the same problem.
I found this link:



Tks folks.I’ll follow up on that.whilst I am here, has anyone any experience of windows on the dragon board? That is installing it or running it with windows.