Windows IOT Remote Client


Unfortunately it seems impossible to encourage the 410c to respond to Windows IOT Remote Client.

Our application has to run in a “headless” fashion…this problem renders the board useless to us.
Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi John

The “Windows 10 IoT MSDN Support Forum” is probably a better place to discuss Windows 10 IoT. You’ll be likely to attract more eyeballs on that site because there is a bigger community of Windows 10 IoT users hanging out there:


PS Usually when I tell someone the above, someone on the 96Boards forum pops up and posts a comment that proves me wrong… nevertheless in general we recommend using the Windows IoT forums for Windows questions.


Once you flash Windows IOT, it wipes out fastboot. You have to perform the rescue/restore procedure; bootstrap fastboot from an SD card.


Surely this has no effect on the display issue…please confirm.


Unclear on any display issue. Fastboot is just an appsboot stub.

If you didn’t clear partitions, and cross flash bins you may have inadvertently made your own breaking changes. If you look at the flash all script it wipes out partitions. So a stale partition “could” cause a display issue. If you’re confident you did the right thing with your partitions, then the issue is elsewhere. Again no idea about display issue you’re referencing.