Windows 10 IOT working retail build


Just wondering if anyone has been able to create a working 410c retail images for windows IOT 10 core.
Been following the guide on

  • Using the latest Windows 10 IoT Core Board Support Package (bsp) downloaded from Qualcomm
  • We have an EV certificate and are signing everything using this.

Test image works fine.
Clean ( no custom apps) retail build shows the Qualcom logo then blackscreen (suspect crash at this point).

The Customization Guide for the 410c seems very outdated and does not really mention retail builds.

I know this is mainly android but hoping at least to get find out if its even possible.
Microsoft forums have not been very helpful. Seems very few people are using this board.

Thanks you in advance,

I wouldn’t say this forum is mainly Android. More like Linux, which includes Android as a subset.
I doubt very much that you will find anyone here able to answer your questions. Most people here would rather shoot themselves than to play with that software vendor.

Sorry to hear the Microsoft forums weren’t of much use. It’s a shame because we almost always redirect Win 10 IoT questions to those forums because the Win10 user community that hangs out here is pretty small (mostly here to take part in hardware and spec questions).