Windows 10 IoT TPM Configuration Fails


I can not get the TPM configuration for the Dragonboard 410c to work with azure iot hub connection string. I have tried to use the iot dashboard “Connect to azure” and I have tried using the windows iot device portal and entering the info manually or pasting the connection string in, every time on both of our 410c development boards it responds with “Failed to provision device” and the device portal responds with “data already stored in this logical device are invalid, please reset it” and if I reset it, it still doesn’t work. Is there any way to reset the device to factory default? I have sucessfuly provisioned Pi3 and Latte Panda using the same process, so I dont think its on the azure side.


You need to initialize RPMB.
Press [Power] + [ Vol+] button when you power on Dragonboard.
You should see BDS menu
Choose to initialize RPMB.

fTPM should be usable afterwards.