Windows 10 IoT Core



Microsoft is providing the primary support for Windows 10 IoT Core on the Dragonboard. Here are some links to help:

Windows 10 on Dragonboard announcement

How to Setup Windows 10 IoT Core on Dragonboard

Windows 10 IoT MSDN Support Forum

Hope this helps. We know Linux here best. :slight_smile:

Vicky Janicki
Linaro Developer Technical Support


before one buy this board he should be aware of false information from qualcomm
the board has a display limit
more information qualcomm and microsoft


1080p 30fps doesn’t specifically state Win10 IoT. It could mean Android or Linux they were referring to regarding the spec on that page so it is not misinformation. It’s in fact accurate for at least Android, I’ve tested it. All they need to do is add 720p max for Win IoT in their details.


I am using 10.0.14322.1000 build on a DragonBoard. Works as expected except for USB audio. Anyone have usb audio working with Win IOT on DragonBoard?


Hi Anonymous!

Sorry. Comments added at the bottom of topics like this often don’t get much visibility.

The “Windows 10 IoT MSDN Support Forum” at the best place to discuss Windows 10 IoT. You’ll be likely to attract more eyeballs on that site because there is a bigger community of Windows 10 IoT users hanging out there: