Windows 10 IoT and 720p fixed resolution



I’m trying to figure out why a Windows 10 IoT Core on this fantastic board shows only the 720p via HDMI. After some investigations this ‘bug’ seems to be fixed by Qualcomm in a future BSP release. I’ve downloaded the latest BSP (a8016aaattnwza21120000.2_db410c_bsp) for IoT Core from the Developer Network and, by searching in files, I’ve found in the DB410c_BSP\prebuilt\8016\FMFiles the FMList.txt file reportings this:

FMCollectionManifest xmlns:xsi=“” xmlns:xsd=“” xmlns=“
-FM Path=“QCDevicePlatformFM.xml” ReleaseType=“Production” OwnerType=“OEM” ID=“QCDevicePlatformFM” OwnerName=“Qualcomm”-
-FM Path=“QCFM.xml” ReleaseType=“Production” OwnerType=“OEM” ID=“QCFM” OwnerName=“Qualcomm”-

Maybe in this BSP is finally added support for 1080p too? If I create a basic image of my IoT Core OS with this BSP I can set the HDMI resolution to 1080p?
Why on Linux/Android distros there isn’t this issue?

Thanks in advance, Andrea.