Win10 IoT: Set portrait orientation 410C

I would like to set Portrait Orientation in 1080p.
I tried to set 2, in panelcfg.xml file, but it doesn’t work.
Can anyone help me?

Many thanks,

These forums focus exclusively on Linux (including Android). I would suggest contacting microsoft for support of their software.

Hi @doitright,
thanks for your reply. I wrote to Microsoft too, but panelcfg.xml is a way to set screen resolution and orientation in dragonboard start.
Can you help to understand if PanelOrientatio works and how?

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There are only a handful of Win10 IoT users hanging out on this forum. The very small community around Win10 means that your unlikely to find someone who can answer the question on this forum. We generally redirect people to forums with a larger population ofWin10 users, such as the Microsoft forums.