WiFi not working with linaro-sid-alip-dragonboard-820c-509.img

Hi, all,
I use linaro-sid-alip-dragonboard-820c-509.img, but wifi pcie cannot link up.

[ 3.576287] qcom-pcie 600000.qcom,pcie: Unbalanced pm_runtime_enable!
[ 3.582414] OF: PCI: host bridge /soc/agnoc@0/qcom,pcie@00600000 ranges:
[ 3.588231] OF: PCI: IO 0x0c200000…0x0c2fffff -> 0x0c200000
[ 3.594989] OF: PCI: MEM 0x0c300000…0x0cffffff -> 0x0c300000
[ 4.683292] qcom-pcie 600000.qcom,pcie: phy link never came up
[ 4.685253] qcom-pcie 600000.qcom,pcie: cannot initialize host
[ 4.688918] qcom-pcie: probe of 600000.qcom,pcie failed with error -110

Is there any suggestion about this issue?

Those error messages seem to be coming from an old kernel. You should also have flashed boot-linaro-sid-dragonboard-820c-509.img.

# fastboot flash boot boot-linaro-sid-dragonboard-820c-509.img