Wifi MAC address read failure - Random address


Each time Linux boots on the DB410c, the wifi MAC address is different each time. Also, the wlan interface increments (wlan0, wlan1, wlan2, etc.) Searching through dmesg, here is what I found is happening:

[ 18.699448] wcn36xx wcn36xx: Direct firmware load for wlan/macaddr0 failed with error -2
[ 78.706855] wcn36xx wcn36xx: Failed (-11) to read macaddress file wlan/macaddr0, using a random address instead
[ 78.706968] wcn36xx: mac address: 00:0a:f5:60:11:d5

This prevents the board from reacquiring network access on boot up. As a work around, the user can go to Preferences … Network Connections, and edit their existing network connection, and select the new MAC address from the pull down. It will then automatically sign in to the access point.



we are aware of this problem (will be fixed in the next release)

In the meantime, please have a look at the workaround below:


hi snowbird,

        While booting, it's trying to find out macaddr0 file but there is no macaddr0 file in board's /lib/firmware/wlan/.

so For this issue, you have to place macaddr0 file into your board’s /lib/firmware/wlan/. folder and again reboot.
and you can find macaddr0 file in
linaro’s linux source code(http://builds.96boards.org/releases/dragonboard410c/linaro/ubuntu/15.06)



The format for the file is AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF (six bytes in hex separated by colons, ascii text). You can find the MAC address for the 410c board on a sticker on the back of the board, close to the power connector.