WiFi connection drops out periodically


I have the WiFi set up on my DragonBoard 410c to connect to my wireless access point. Everything seems normal; it connects to the access point, it gets a DHCP address, it can resolve names from my DNS server, I can use the web browser to access external web sites, etc. I can also connect to the DragonBoard from a SSH client (putty) running on my Windows workstation. This is actually how I would prefer to do most of my work.

The problem I have is the network periodically seems to “hang”. My SSH session will become unresponsive for several seconds and then report the connection has been closed. When I run a continuous ping from my Windows workstation to the DragonBoard I see normal sub-1 ms reply times, but occasionally the ping replies cease and I see “request timed out” messages. These outages typically last 10-20 seconds and are followed by another series of normal ping responses which last for a minute or two before another outage occurs. A continuous ping from the DragonBoard to my Windows workstation shows longer than normal response times (500 ms or more) during these outages but no timeout messages.

Note that my SSH session will disconnect only if I am actively using it (typing stuff). Sessions which are idle seem to survive the outages OK.

/etc/debian_version contains 8.4. I don’t see anything interesting in /var/log/messages; it doesn’t appear that the WiFi is disconnecting or that the DHCP lease is being renewed after each outage.

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions/recommendations!


Hi @3rady,

I think I have heard similar symptom some where.

Would you mind trying running the script on the DragonBoard 410C to keep pinging from your DragonBoard 410C to your PC?

while ! ping -n <pc's ip address>; do sleep 0.5; done

Please let me know, if this works or not.



this is a ‘known issue’, please see (and subscribe for updates):