WiFi communication starts with low data rate

Hi @Loic,

Product based on: APQ8016E
WiFI chip: WCN3660B

From the captures made during last months with different APs we see a strange behavior with the “Data rate”.
It seems that after a connection with AP, the communication always starts with lower data rates: 802.11b, 802.11g.
It can be seen in the “802.11 radio information” header of the air captures.
After some time, the data rate increases to 802.11g/802.11n rates.

It is expected that the communication will start from higher data rates and will lower it in case of communication problems.

it’s easily reproduced with Linaro – both 18.01 and 20 – just connect to AP and run openssl command – rate of traffic from device starts with 802.11b.

Logs are uploaded at below link:

Please help us over here.

Parth Y Shah

By who? any pointer to document specifying that?

maybe you could try this patch: https://git.linaro.org/people/loic.poulain/linux.git/commit/?h=qcomlt-5.7-wifi&id=9c336a7f78e54e7efdac754b89c7789887a1cc98

Thanks, @Loic we will try and update. Is the setting data rate to MCS-5 from starting, violation of the protocol?

I’m not aware about anything specifying a starting data rate after a fresh association, so any rate supported by the AP can be used.