Wifi closed after reboot


I have app that auto connect to the net with Wifi after reboot, but every time I reboot the DragonBoard, the Wifi is closed, has anybody met the same problem ?



which OS/release are you running?



Thanks for your attention.
I have figured it out. Each time I power off the board by pull out the power plug which prevent the system saving the network config.
I should press the power button for more than three seconds to power off the system so that it could work well next time.



press the power button is not working for me


I have encountered the same question on another board. Even though I pressed the power button to save the network config.
The system information is above!


Hi @asionius,

There are two types of rebooting and one is reboot with software reset and the other is removing power once.

Would you mind trying the wifi by removing the power plug when rebooting the Android?


Unfortunately, I’ve tried the two methods many times and the wifi is closed after reboot!