Why reboot a few seconds after shutdown and how to solve it and my wifi is also too slow

i am using DB410c and there are a lot of problem
first one is wi-fi…wi-fi is not working properly it is too slow but i am able to access internet through ethernet cable… how to fix the wi-fi problem
second one is DB410c reboot after 5 sec i don’t want this feature
and the last one is i am not able to set chromium proxy here is the link and it was working fine in my second DB410 board but not in first one https://www.linuxbabe.com/desktop-linux/configure-proxy-chromium-google-chrome-command-line

Which OS/release are you running ?

How slow is it ? could you try iperf, or simply download big file on the Internet with *wget *and report the average download speed ?

Could you please also provide the AP signal level you have:

iw wlan0 link

Is it related to : Why reboot a few seconds after shutdown?

Which solution are you using in the link you provided, command line method or ‘Proxy SwitchyOmega’?

I usually set the system proxies by changing environment variables:

 export http_proxy=http://[proxy]:[port]
 export https_proxy=http://[proxy]:[port]

Then you can run chromium.

i am using debian buster
Actually if i talk about DB410c wi-fi …at this time wi-fi networks are not visible i don’t know what is the real issue…
yes it is related wid Why reboot a few seconds after shutdown? but i dont what the explanation i want the real solution and i am using debian buster

i am using this method #You can also set an alias. Edit .bashrc file
and one more issue is now i am trying to connect my mobile with DB410c but when i typed hcitool dev and hcitool scan there is no devices info

i am new on DB410c and seriously want to say one thing i am getting frustrated now

I strongly suggest you to use the latest release:

In brief, the board is designed to automatically boot when power is applied.

There is an existing patches for the LK bootloader [1] which ‘enables’ shutdown, but for reasons invoked by Bjorn [2] and since it modifies the default Dragonboard behavior, patch has not been accepted.

I tested this patch on my side and it seems to work as ‘expected’. You can rebuild LK by your own or download my binary [3] (not official and provided without any guarantee).

fastboot flash aboot ./aboot_shutdown.mbn

[1] https://bugs.96boards.org/show_bug.cgi?id=121#c9
[2] Why reboot a few seconds after shutdown?
[3] https://fileserver.linaro.org/owncloud/index.php/s/KWVXg8EF6g7UhcF