Which screen should I buy for the dragon board 410c with windows 10 iot core

I use dragonboard 410c. It have adv7533. It DSI to HDMI converter transmitter.
what can you advise me? I am thinking of purchasing waveshare 1920 1080 touch screen, it is written that the touch panel supports windows 10 iot

what is written below, I wanted to write in another place, but I will write here:
I have&use cheap 1024 600 waveshare 7* display(43 or 85Hz).

I should write panelcfg.xml file to support 1024 600 resolution and 43 or 85Hz scan rate.

Here’s what I found out, after reading the documentation on the dragonboard 410c, I realized that the image output goes through the adv7533 chip from “Analog Devices”. I wrote to support waveshare. They sent a response that they didn’t try to use the dragonboard 410c with their screens. I wrote to support analog Devices. Here is the answer:
Dear Customer,

This product implements technologies licensed by HDMI.org. Customers must be HDMI adapters listed at HDMI.org to purchase it and/or to get support on it.

We cannot find your company listed as adopter at: http://www.hdmi.orghttp://www.hdmi.org/ therefore we cannot support you at this time.

Details on how to become an adopter can be found @ https://www.hdmi.org/manufacturer/adopter_registration.aspx

Please note that Analog Devices have no involvement in the issuing of these licenses.

Kind Regards,

Analog Devices Customer Interaction Centre Europe


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Subject: LDC - DSI to hdmi configuration

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Inquiry Description:
I use dragonboard 410c. It have adv7533. It DSI to HDMI converter transmitter.

I want to use cheap 1024 600 waveshare 7* display(43 or 85Hz).
HDMI Waveshare 1024x600 7" screen is used by many people who are trying to create their own projects.
. Many people tried to connect it, but there are no instructions on how to do it on the Internet

I want help. I must write panelcfg.xml file. There are documentation on website, but I don’t know parameters DSI. Where I found it? Please help.


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It turns out that this code is licensed. In the file panelcfg.xml the code written in the datasheet on the Qualcomm site for dsi is not used for hdmi. You can verify this by setting the value InterfaceType =7 DTV, HDMI, reserved. Maybe I’m wrong. Some information from different places can be found on the Internet. But I realized that the most important thing is to teach adv7533 to understand what image I want to get. The attached image contains a bit of information

I’d advise you ask this on the Windows 10 IoT MSDN Support Forum . You are certainly welcome to post here but there are close to zero Windows users hanging out here meaning, whilst it is possible, it is pretty unlikely you’ll get a useful reply here. You’ll be likely to attract more eyeballs on a different site.