Which dragonboard 410c software image is recommended?


Which of these builds is recommended? Which one should I avoid?





The documentations needs an urgent cleanup, there are too many confusing and outdated information.




are related to each other. They are the ‘same’ builds, the ‘snapshots’ folder contain our ‘continuous’ builds. So one of the next snapshot build will eventually become the next release (and it will be copied into the ‘release’ folder).

The same apply to the other 2 links.

I would recommend to stick to the ‘dragonboard410c’ builds, the reference-platform builds are not maintained at this point, it was an effort to get a single build for multiple boards, but right now it’s on hold.

For the dragonboard410c builds, the latest ‘release’ is of course the most recommended option, this is the which had the most testing so far. If you want to play/test what will become the next release, you are welcome to use the latest snapshots builds. there might be some breakage sometimes, but that’s the point of doing continuous integration. If you face issues with any of the builds, please report them here or on our bugzilla. Right now we are moving the builds from a 4.4 based kernel to 4.9. The latest snapshots builds are based on 4.9 , and also Debian stretch, not Debian jessie.


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Do you maintain a ‘high level’ changelog which could be published with each build?


no… only from release to release, not from build to build. it could be done automatically, i suppose… but we don’t have it yet…


There is a dead link to the “Linaro GCC cross compiler” on

Could you please fix it? Which compiler version are you currently using to build the kernel?


Hey @domi

Someone else (just) beat you to reporting the broken link:

Regarding which compiler version I’m not 100% sure but the version information of the compiler ends up burned into the kernel image and appears early in the dmesg log. That should be all you need to figure out what compiler is used.



sorry about the broken link, and thanks for reporting them… i will fix them…

in fact , these 2 threads just revealed that the situation was quite bad… the information about the compiler used was added manually in the release notes, and was likely not done properly. If I trust our builders, it seems that we’ve been using 14.09 gcc-linaro release for the builds, but the release notes say 14.11… so this is bad. I will make sure to fix this issue in the next release and make sure that the data is generated realiably during the build. And yes, I will make sure we also use a less pre-historic compiler version as well.

To answer the question, our build server tend to think we used http://releases.linaro.org/archive/14.09/components/toolchain/binaries/gcc-linaro-aarch64-linux-gnu-4.9-2014.09_linux.tar.xz. The old GCC release were archived a while ago (notice the ‘archive’ subfolder in the link).


Our build jobs have been updated:

The final step will be to update the release notes accordingly.