Which are technical documnet will provided - hikey960

is below mentioned documents is freely available.

  1. complete TRM(technical reference manual).
  2. Data sheet of all parts
    is this board supported Linux booting from tftp,mmc card and file system form mmc card and nfs.
    please provide which are components source code is not provided.


Hi ,
my requrment is Linux development(kernel and application) , I do not want Linux booting from flash memory and mount rootfs from flash, instead of flash can use sdcard and ethrnet for Linux kernel and rootfs.


For kernel development then flashing the kernel via USB using fastboot is an option. I’m not sure that the EDK2 fastboot implementation supports fastboot boot <abootimg> (e.g. boot kernel from RAM) but it definitely supports fastboot flash boot <abootimg> to update a failed test kernel with a working one.

PS One the kernel is booted then you should be able to get the rootfs from wherever you like: UFS, SD card, NFS (would probably need USB wired ethernet).