Where to buy bubblegum


It appears that a few others have had the same issue regarding where to buy the 96boards products. I’m looking to buy a bubblegum-96 and the only 2 choices are Taobao and Ebay !!??

On top of that, on the 96 boards page it indicates it’s $89, while Taobao is set at 699 yen ( $101 ) and the ONE that was on Ebay is sold out, marked at $130 and $50 shipping fees !!

Is this for real or have I been drinking WAY to much white lightening again !!??

I could just go buy a Raspberry PI 3 for $39.95. Only thing I would prefer is 2G or more of memory.


I’m afraid right now these are the only two outlets that stock the
bubblegum (and Taobao can be very difficult to purchase from if you are
not able to read it).


Thanks for the reply Daniel. It just seems to me that there should be a “regular” supply chain for all the 96boards products. Not sure how “they” expect to sell them. Making matters even worse, has anyone tried to find simple things like datasheets for such processors like an ARM Cortex-A53, A57, A73, etc. with full pinout and packaging information so as to be able to design your own board if you have the ability to do so ??


Hi there

You can purchase Bubblegum96 via their official Ebay channel.



As I indicated - I already saw that and it was sold out. Also it was marked up to $130 ! and $50 for shipping. So the original price was suppose to be $89 and on e-bay it would cost twice as much…

There’s a sucker born every day, but it wasn’t me… lol


Easy, easy, let’s break down the price structure for you step by step.

$89 is MSRP, $101 is price on your Invoice, including VAT, that’s a hard request. Since Taobao is a business based in Great China and mostly serve for people living there , we need to complying with local government regulations. If you are sophisticated enough to dealing with the car dealer, it’s just the similar quotation experience.

For $130 on eBay, that’s the price for whole Dev bundle customized for international buyers, including the following:

  1. Bubblegum96 board - $89
  2. Power supply - 10$
  3. Debug Kit, TTL2USB+PCB Adapter(uCRobotics manufactured in small batch, not cheap) - 20$
  4. Acrylic/3D Printed Case - $10
    We are so sorry to make you confusing and thanks for raise your concerns about those price looks like inflation but they are actually very reasonable.
    Anyway, we’ve update the the above information into latest eBay page, http://www.ebay.com/itm/262879152597


Never mind the political correctness, “你丫就是个傻逼”.


The link is “sold out” again. Your boards have a strong performance and great potential,
are you going to fix the supply quantity issues - to meet a demand for this board?

Dear friend, please tell when are you going to start selling Bumblegum96 at AliExpress ?
I refuse to buy from eBay because it is Paypal only and Paypal company are the scammers
(Paypal company closed my account without any legit reason and stole all my money from it)
and it is difficult to buy from Taobao/alibaba. It would be super great if you start selling at AliExpress,
especially because AliExpress is much bigger than eBay and doesn’t have Paypal payments