Where is the current version of Mali g72 driver?


i cannot find out mali g72 driver

where is the driver?

it is very important to me.

please teach me. T T

i faced some problem maybe it is related to graphic driver…


There is currently no Mali G72 driver available.


I came across this on the smartfire website.

For the support of Mali G72, you can try to install opencl. The following links are for the Hikey 960 and Mali G71, but I feel it can be used on the 970: https://developer.arm.com/produc … -drivers/user-space .
Download mali-G71_r9p0-01rel0_linux_1fbdev.tar.gz, extract it to /opt, add the file opencl.cconf in the /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ directory, the content is /opt/fbdev, then run sudo ldconfig .

The possible problem is that there is no implementation for functions such as clCreateFromGL*.
This is the problem I posted on the arm forum, but no one answered at this time: https://community.arm.com/graphi … -hikey970-mali-g72#


I will be trying to build the driver soon also.

I also remember reading somewhere that the Tensorflow Release of Debain from hikey includes the Mali driver. Maybe we can use that but i have to find it again.


Hi I really thank you for reply but i think my problem is releated to Opengl. T.T

it is related to “I faced some gpu problem on gaming

above link

so my question is… Do it related to my problem? i really have curiosity about this

Thank you for reading!


I did see your problem in a post before.
I thought you posted that using a 12v 3A power supply it solved your issue.

I don’t have any Idea what is causing you trouble. I would set up a serial console and look at the messages. I have had some thermal issues when running the board hard which is surprising to me because i have added extra heatsinks and 4 fans total.

I believe the heat problem may be due to the current heat-sink not sitting properly on the chips.
The chip that is not numbered next to the processor #10 is shorter than the Processor. So the flat heat-sink requires thicker Thermal Paste to allow the heat-sink to sit flat on the processor.

I am going to make a custom heat-sink that is stepped to match the height of the chips and also cover the wlan chip. I will post my design when i’m done.

Have you checked the temp of the processor during your hard runs?


Actually i didn’t

but i think it is not related to power resource problem and heat problem

and I already solved the issue

this issue is related to weird diagonals on display when i play game (maybe opengl 3.x issue with driver i have no confidence)

so i think it is not related heat problem.

so i really want to find out right driver…T.T


Here is the link to the Lebain that i believe has Tensorflow and opencl.

LeMaker has released a new Lebian that includes pre-installed tensorflow, which includes opencl

Maybe you can use lebain-9. Other than that I think it is a matter of mounting the image in a Linux environment and copying out the driver. At any rate we can pull the kernel configuration, check for any related modules, and copy the userspace binary Mali driver. I have to look into it more.

It seems LeMaker had the source to build the Lebain-9 with Mali and opencl maybe we can send them a message and see if it is possible for LeMaker to share that source Code with us.

This is the EXACT place i found the image.


In the lebian-9 tensorflow there is OpenCL which in turn loads libmali.so.

there is a possibility that this can be used for accelerated GLES under fbdev.