Where is config for AIoT in buildroot?

Dear all,

Now I am trying to build boot image from source code for TB-96AIoT.
I got source code and am building the image, following the official doc.

However, when I runsource buildroot/build/envsetup.sh
, option * rockchip_TB-96AIoT is not shown.
I also seek the git repo but cannot find config for TB96AIoT.

Could somebody tell me how to build the image from source code?

Thank you.

Sorry for the mistake.

When running source buildroot/build/envsetup.sh, please choose 12
$ source buildroot/build/envsetup.sh
Top of tree: /home/lidq/1808_beiqi

You’re building on Linux
Lunch menu…pick a combo:

  1. rockchip_puma
  2. rockchip_puma_recovery
  3. rockchip_px30_32
  4. rockchip_px30_64
  5. rockchip_px30_64_open
  6. rockchip_px30_recovery
  7. rockchip_px30_robot32
  8. rockchip_px30_robot64
  9. rockchip_px30_robot64_no_gpu
  10. rockchip_px3se
  11. rockchip_px3se_recovery
  12. rockchip_rk1808
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Thank you for your quick reply.
Now I successfully build Linux image.

Thanks @lodestar, would it be possible to update the documentation accordingly