Where are the addresses defined for device tree of Dragonboard 820c?

I am not familiar with device trees and I see in the device tree things like “serial@75b0000” and “reg = <0x75b0000 0x1000>;”, so where does the 75b0000 come from? Is it defined in a hardware document somewhere?

Register (reg) are typically defined with address,size pair, the value comes from the SoC specification which is not available (yet) for dragonboard 820c.

You can find a few hardware docs here, see e.g. Schematics

Some docs could be added to

But the Hardware Register Description is missing.

Thank you for the response. I am also using a Inforce 6601 SOM which uses the snapdragon 820 : Inforce 6601™ Micro System on Module (SOM)

I will look through their documentation for a SoC specification or ask Inforce for the information.