Whats going on with the price?

So these things always were supposed to be $200 each. They finally got them into stock (2 years late), and within a few hours, jacked the price up to $500, then down to $415. I did manage to get a couple of orders (of one per order to avoid the $500 per for 2+ price) in under the wire at $200 each, and they were delivered to me about an hour ago, but this seems like some kind of extreme pricing bump.

Anybody know if they plan to roll the price back down as they figure out how to manage inventory? I would like more of them, but obviously at the original price rather than the crazy price.

Here is what happened.

There were around 40-50 boards made with black/brown-ish PCB but with the original UFS based design. These were sold till stocks lasted for the original price of $200.

There are now new PCB with the new design based on EMMC that are now being sold at ~$400.

The difference in price is due to the fact that the original 820c was heavily subsidized by Qualcomm. Now Arrow is baring all the cost for the new boards and is selling it at a non-subsidized price.

I have requested Arrow today for a full list of changes between the new and the old PCB designs so that we can better understand OS compatibility and the 96Boards team will be getting a few sample board soon.