What is the latest kernel version for 820 Android?


I saw this kernel repo,


Does this build with Android Nougat on Snapdragon 820?

And whether it support Qualcomm proprietary modules? Please help on this.



The kernel you have found is part of a project by @doitright to bring latest AOSP to Dragonboard 820c (and is focused on automotive). It is upstream derived and won’t work with Android Nougat nor will it support any Qualcomm proprietary module.

BTW you should also be aware that Qualcomm did not release an Android Nougat for Dragonboard 820C (although I believe some of the 820E SBC and SoM manufacturers do support Android Nougat).

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The only AOSP that I’ve tried it with are fairly recent snaps of master. In particular, there is another repository in that group for pinned manifests that will show the exact snaps I’ve worked against.

Definitely NO blobs. This is way better and works with drm_hwcomposer and freedreno.

If you need something to work with n and blobs, you are going to have a fun time sifting through CAF to find all the right pieces to put together. Will not be an easy job, and at the end of it, you will have a mess of pirated blobs that you can’t debug.

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