Weird value on TRCIDR0/2 on Coresight ETM and ETM error


I installed a AOSP-10 and Android mainline kernel.

When I trace some 64-bit ELF binary with ETM on db845c, the result of the ETM was very weird.

So I checked some configuration and I found weird point.
/sys/bus/coresight/devices/etm7/trcidr/trcidr0, trcidr2 value is different to ETMv4 Spec.

For example, trcidr2’s value on db845c is 0x20001088 and then IASIZE bit[4:0] should have been 0b00000 or 0b00100.
But IASIZE bits of db845c is 0b00001. This is not the value that spec document is saying.

Are there any hardware level errors on ETM in db845c?

Thank you.