Video: Linux native (no Adroid!) support for DVB set-top-box


FYI, we cooked Linux driver which add compatibility layer on top of the HiSilicon DVB drivers.
It allows running on Poplar board the open-source Enigma2 software so the board acts as satellite or terestrial set-top-box.

Small demo shows very nice responsibility of the system:

PS: Out final intention is to have fully open-source drivers, but it is long run journey because HiSilicon drivers are not upstreamed nor open-sourced (yet).



Very nice, Honza.

Out of curiosity, which kernel are you running this demo on?


# uname -a

Linux poplar 4.4.35_hi3798cv2x #12 SMP Thu Mar 1 18:59:59 CET 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux




Hello honza

I have openatv running on a hisilicon STB, what I’ve noticed is that when scrolling through the menus, especially the epg with a light coloured skin, you can see the whole screen flicker, the redraw is really slow.

Does you also have this issue with your setup?


Hi Max_gee,

I see what you mean. But no, we don’t have such flickering on our platform.
At least I never noticed anything like that. But I can double check, np.



Fantastic, let me know your findings, aparrantly according to openatv it’s a blending issue that is handled differently with hisilicon compared to broadcom.


Well, I don’t know what what exactly is problem on your side. How do you drive graphics layer?
And on which hardware?

I’m asking because we don’t have such flickering on our platforms, including Poplar.
We are porting it to some other HiSi boxes, w/o any similar issue.



Hi! I got a STB branded as Atto Pixel. It’s a hd3798cv200 on the inside. Someone already did an openpli port to it, but I would like to bake my own custom openatv image to it. I would learn a lot from it! Unfortunately the guy who did this doesn’t shared much information about how he succeed on this, not his fault, I think he is just a very very busy man. I’m an 8-bit microcontrollers developer. This is an entire new world to me. Would you mind in sharing your meta/recipes (assuming you did the build on oe-alliance build environment) with me? Or give me some directions to follow? If this kind of conversation isn’t allowed here, we can continue on email.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Honza
Have you published this software somewhere? (OpenATV)