Using UART1 on Dragonboard 410c

I am trying to interface BG96 LTE Module with Dragonboard 410c using UART1. I am getting an error while configuring the port itself. In this regard I have searched on various forum and it has been stated that there is an error with the BSP and Qualcomm is working on that.
Anybody have an idea that whether the BSP has been released and said bug has been arrested?
I am using windows 10 IOT OS version - 10.0.17763.737


I’m afriad there aren’t many Win10 IoT folks hanging out on this forum meaning only a few of the Win10 questions get answers (although some certainly do). I’d recommend posting also on the Microsoft forums.

Hello Daniel,

I can understand that. But my question is related to BSP provided by Qualcomm. I have gone through about this issue on most of the forums and the solution by everyone is
“Qualcomm is working on the BSP to arrest this problem”. so, I wanted to know whether is there any updated release against this issue.

Hope you can understand.

If you’re wondering about the state of the Qualcomm bsp for Windows, you should probably ask Qualcomm or Microsoft. This forum is neither Qualcomm’s, nor Microsoft’s. This is Linaro’s forum, and to be frank, supporting anything microsoft is at odds with Linaro’s mission.